• Revolutionary Glove Application Dispenser
    Revolutionary Glove Application Dispenser
  • Healthier: Protecting Patients
    Seeking Master Distributors Worldwide.
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  • Easier: Assisting Professionals
    Assisting Professionals.
    to Reduce Cross Contamination.

Welcome to Glove Assist

Glove Assist is a newly formed company aiming to revolutionize the age old process of glove donning. Glove Assist primarily aims to ensure patients the utmost protection through our products, while assisting the professionals providing them care. The principal product of Glove Assist, the Glove Assist Dispenser, uses superior technology to equip examination gloves in a hygienically safer and more efficient manner.

In an age and industry where seconds count and safety is of the upmost importance, Glove Assist delivers an industry-revolutionizing device for the medical field. Save time and see more patients in a safer environment with Glove Assist.


Health & Efficiency