While the Glove Assist Dispenser was designed with the healthcare industry in mind, it remains versatile enough to tackle various other applications. Numerous industries can benefit from the efficiency and time savings through implementing the dispenser. The Glove Assist Dispenser can serve any industry where exam gloves are donned.

MEDICAL - It is easily understandable how the Glove Assist Dispenser can assist medical professionals with caring for their patients. Through the patented inversion process, gloves can be dispensed quickly and reliably ensuring superior protection for patients.

DENTAL - Dentists change gloves countless times a day, many change gloves several times for each patient they see. Through the time savings the Glove Assist Dispenser can provide, dentists will be able to see more patients in a safer environment.

INDUSTRIAL - Many industries outside of healthcare use examination gloves across numerous processes, each of which could benefit from the time savings Glove Assist provides. Efficiency is of the utmost importance, underscoring the place for Glove Assist Dispensers.

FOOD SERVICE - Cross contamination can shut down any food process before it starts. The Glove Assist Dispenser provides an extra layer of protection, limiting the liabilities and ensuring proper donning processes for the Food Service Industry.

EMS - In any emergency response, seconds can be the difference between life and death. Glove Assist Dispensers can save precious seconds during these emergencies, allowing responders to focus on what really matters: the patient.